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Web Design

Jazz up your online dreams with pixel-perfect pizzazz and wallet-friendly wizardry, whether you’re just starting or in need of a digital facelift. Kickstart your project today and let’s turn your ideas into dazzling realities! 🚀

Content Management

Say goodbye to website worries with our monthly content management plans. We’ll pamper your site with updates, daily backups, and spam protection, so you can relax while we keep your online home looking sharp and spam-free! 🌟

Web Hosting

Score stress-free hosting and email setup that’s smoother than a freshly buttered bagel. Let us handle the technical jam while you savor seamless online presence and inbox awesomeness! 🌐📬

Social Media

Dive into our social media sensation plans, where we handle the setup, whip up thumb-stopping posts, and sprinkle a dash of online pizzazz. From setup to showcase, let’s turn your feeds into a captivating masterpiece that’ll leave your audience craving for more! 📱✨

Content Writing

Whether you’re in need of captivating content for a blog article, a magnetic social post, or a complete website overhaul, our content writing magic is here to bring your vision to life. Let our word wizardry transform your ideas into compelling narratives that captivate and resonate! 📝🪄

Free Consults*

Feast on unlimited free consults with every purchase – it’s the buffet of brainpower that’ll keep your ideas well-nourished, because a girl’s gotta brainstorm, right? 🍔💡 And if you’re simply craving a taste without the full spread, our one-hour consultations are just $50 – a small bite to keep those creative cravings satisfied! 🍽️💰

About Deb

Hey there, I’m Authentic Deb – your friendly web-wizard ! I embarked on a solo odyssey into the realm of WordPress years ago, and boy, did I fall head over heels in love!

When I’m not weaving digital wonders, you’ll find me cruising on my Spyder, belting out tunes, strumming my guitar, or cozying up with a good book and my fur babies by my side. I’m not just a web aficionado though; I’m also an author and an unabashed people enthusiast. My motto is simple: authenticity, transparency, and top-notch customer service are the keys to making web dreams come true. There’s nothing stuffy about me – I’m all about the good vibes, jokes, and making the journey fun. So, if you’re ready to sprinkle some magic onto your online presence while having a laugh along the way, I’m your gal! Let’s make your digital dreams sparkle together! ✨🎸🐾

Featured Work

Drive288 Houston Toll Road

The original production website, underwent a thorough redesign, leading to its evolution into a customer-focused WordPress site that significantly improves user engagement.

New Covenant Church of Chattangooa

I aimed to rejuvenate the church’s online presence, creating an engaging platform that strongly resonates with its target audience. Recognizing the value of a strong brand identity, I led a thorough revamp of visuals, logo, and introduced a user-friendly WordPress site for easier upkeep.

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Ready to take your website to the next level? Schedule now for a consultation and let’s review your site or discuss a new build. The best part? The $50.00 consultation fee will be applied to any purchase you make. So, don’t wait any longer – book your consultation today and let’s make your web dreams come true!

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Web Design

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